Illuminating User Needs

Welcome! I’m a UX / UI Designer with a background in Graphic Design and Web Development. I have a passion for clean, elegant design, and crafting engaging user experiences. My empathy inspires me to advocate for the user’s needs, my curiosity urges me to continually seek better solutions, while my design sensibilities empower me to translate UX research into compelling visual experiences. I know how to ask the right questions at the start of a project, how to conduct effective research, and how to communicate with developers.

UX Case Study


Using an iterative, human-centered approach, I researched, ideated and designed a responsive web application to help foragers find food in their environment. Trove features a crowd-sourced map of nearby foraging locations, a plant library that can be filtered by geographical region and season, and a plant photo identification tool.

UI Case Study


Gym Rat is responsive web app to help people reach their goal of starting a new fitness routine. I was inspired by the potential for using emotional design to help someone commit to a new healthy habit. Throughout the process, the project brief informed every decision, from wireframing, to moodboard, to icon design, to final mockups.


Effective web design should be clean and simple, with an emphasis on readability and usability. Simplicity accomplishes many things on the web – it is more aesthetically pleasing, it focuses the user on a specific goal or call to action, results in a faster loading site, and a better experience on mobile devices.


Email has been a big part of most of the jobs I’ve had for the simple reason that email marketing works. HTML and CSS support in many email clients are still stuck in the stone age. It is surprisingly complicated to build a simple email that displays well for all users. On top of that, it is now urgent that email designs be responsive and mobile friendly.


I provide a wide range of graphic design services including logos and branding, magazine ads, posters, business cards, and environmental graphics. I have also been involved in more complicated print projects such as catalog layout, restaurant menus and brochures. I am a fan of a clean, balanced composition and love playing with texture and color.

  • Thank you again so much for all of your help getting the images to the website by Wednesday. I passed my orals with flying color in large part thanks to you!  I know i've said it before, but I am absolutely super happy about how the site turned out and couldn't have asked for a nicer and more accommodating person to work with on this. You made it all seem really do-able and that helped so much.

    Amy Chaloupka
  • Laura Shurtleff designed the website and logo for our restaurant, Odd Duck -  We love the design and get tons of compliments on it all the time!  It has translated well into all sorts of mediums.  The website is perfect and easy to work with.  Laura is incredibly responsive, super timely, and really great at taking your vision and making it a reality.  I would recommend her work to anyone!

    Melissa Buchholz
  • Laura really took the reins to get new responsive templates working for MotoSport promotional emails. It's a timely next step for our email templates making a better connection with our customers going forward and she didn't hesitate in getting it done well. Both Laura and the rest of the Creative team have taken the first step in making the emails easier to build and maintain going forward.

    Enoch Platas